Organic and Paid Search. What are the Benefits of Each?

Search Engine Results Page

After you’re finished with building the website it’s time to start attracting visitors. This job is rather tough, as qualified visitors have a direct interest in what you offer and there should be an easy way for them to find your website. Usually this way is through organic and paid listings.

Organic Listings are page listings that appear on a Search Engine Results Page for the only reason of being chosen by the search engine Algorithm as relevant to the Query.

 Paid Listings are websites shown on a Results Page after the site owners paid the money to the search engine for inclusion and/or position.

Organic Search

Organic Search top positions are considered to attract 50-80% more attention than paid search. Users are now smart enough to distinguish natural results from paid listings and, of course, they realize that it’s all about who has the deeper pocket.

SEO services are comprised of raising the organic rankings of the websites, making them search engine friendly. Speaking of Google, it uses complex algorithms to find out which websites to list at the top of the page.

Paid Search

Paid Search marketing is obviously not a free service. It can also be called as Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, as for every click you get you have to pay a fixed price. With this service you can control over which keywords your website is listed under. This gives a possibility to determine which keywords bring the biggest traffic to your website.

In the picture below you can see the Google Search Result Page for “search engine optimization” query. It is divided into two main sections – Organic Search listings and Paid Search, provided by Google AdWords Service.


However, there’s no need to stick to one particular approach. With PPC you can quickly find your most useful keywords and use them in a long-term SEO boosting the organic listings. If you can’t wait to have visitors on your brand new website (and Organic SEO is always about having patience) use PPC to generate the very first leads.


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